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Tomato paste from Puglia - Rosso Gargano

Tomato paste
from Puglia

I am the condensed essence of a tomato, fresh and intense.

I am the best choice for lovers of brightly coloured sauces and of classic recipes such as stews and ragout.


Tomatoes, salt.

Doppio concentrato di pomodoro

They concentrate me a lot for those who want strong flavours.

Nutrition facts


337,7 kJ

79,8 kcal


of which saturates

0,4 g

0,0 g


of which sugars

13,9 g

13,9 g


1,9 g


4,2 g


1,6 g

Also Available

800 g

4,5 Kg

Tomatoes from Puglia

Grown in Puglia

Our tomatoes are grown in Puglia, a region in Southern Italy close to the Adriatic Sea, which is known for its fertile lands and cooling breeze that takes the edge off the blazing sun. Simply put, tomatoes love Puglia!

A Short Food Chain

We own the land where our tomatoes are grown, which gives us full traceability from seedling to can. We monitor the tomato every step of the process so we can bring you the highest quality product possible.


Our tomatoes are all GMO-Free. That means there are no genetically modified organisms. It’s good for the tomatoes, and it’s good for you.

Picked and Packed in 30 miles

Our tomatoes are canned a few hours after being harvested. Less time in the open means a fresher taste and more nutrients.