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we grow them

In Puglia, Tomatoes had the fortune to find the best conditions to grow, water-thirsty and packed with all the sun of southern Italy.

We farmers always choose the best varieties suited for our soil. using drip irrigation on our fields, because water is precious.

Proximity to the sea confers a unique taste to some varieties such as the cherry tomatoes and date tomatoes grown by Lake Lesina: you should try them!

Cubettata di pomodoro

the colour red that makes a difference

Tomatoes are our life and we hold onto them, even though we know that it is very demanding of the soil. This forces us to use crop rotation, but in our fields it is always the colour red that makes a difference.

from sowing to harvesting

The love for this fruit motivates us to follow it from sowing to harvest, with great care and with a strong belief that we can keep all its properties intact.

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