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We pack them

In our history as growers, deciding to unite our strengths to set up our own processing plant was an important choice, one of those choices that lead to real results.

We did it with the intention of reducing our tomato processing times to a minimum, and of following personally all the process until it reaches your table.

Our firm uses people that handle tomatoes with special care and believe in an idea of quality that respects our work, our product and who eats it.

Doppio concentrato di pomodoro

The scent of fresh tomatoes

Entering the facility and smelling the scent of fresh tomatoes is a satisfaction that fills us with pride and rewards our labours and preoccupations.

All the flavor of this land

And so today our tomatoes are processed to a minimum, and can reach your table as if they had just been picked, with all the flavour of this land.

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